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Rewind: #Hispz14


Just a few weeks ago, I had the fantastic opportunity to return to Miami and attend this years Hispanicize or better known via the social world as #Hispz14. 

This year, I had the opportunity to attend the conference as a blogger ambassador on behalf of the folks of Procter & Gamble's Orgullosa campaign. It was so much fun reconnecting with my Latina blogger friends and sharing with them the meaning behind the #NuevaLatina campaign. And let's be honest that wasn't the only thing we discussed! Many of my awesome blogger friends asked me questions about my recent engagement and where the wedding was going to be etc. Also they were so proud of the success I have been able to obtain with my blog.  

During my day at Hispanicize, I had the chance to check out a few seminars which were great since I learned a lot more about the growth of the Hispanic media landscape, how to take advantage of certain social tools to even further the growth of my blog, etc. 

But one thing that I enjoyed the most was the luncheon! During lunch Hispanicize gave the Latinovator award to Maria Hinojosa who is an amazing Chicagoan and one female reporter that I truly admire. It was great to hear her share her thoughts on the way news outlets are reporting the Latino stories in the U.S. and also what her thoughts were on the new age of Latinas. 

At the end of Maria HInojosa's conversation to the #Hispz14 audience, the folks from Orgullosa brought onto the stage the awesome Nueva Latina Monologues show (remember? this was the exact show I saw in New York at the end of February to launch the Nueva Latina campaign).

The performance was exactly how I remembered it to be and even better! And you can tell by the audience reaction that others loved it as well! It was definitely a presentation that many of my fellow blogger girlfriends were talking about throughout the day (and night!).

There is one scene in the show where one of the actresses says: I'm a strong empowered woman not afraid to speak her mind. I don't need to follow the status quo, I am the status quo. I love that quote and totally agree with it! That quote is the epitamy of what a Nueva Latina is all about. We don't have to follow the status quo, we are the status quo! Such an empowering sentence and it just makes me feel even stronger about the work that I do for my blog.

Travel is my passion and will always be, but being one of the few Latina travel bloggers out there (that solely focuses on travel writing) makes me feel empowered to raise my voice even higher and stronger so more Latina/o writers out there can start exploring the art of travel writing and not be afraid to reach their travel dreams. This to me is what Nueva Latina stands for, exploring a world that is always going to be unfamiliar to me but yet exciting and where I will be seen as a pioneer not as one that follows along what others are doing.

Thank you Linda Nieves-Powell (see pic below with Linda and my fellow blogger ambassador, Vanessa) for writing such an amazing monologue and for inspiring so many latinas like myself to continue on growing their passion and following their dreams without any fear in the world.

And thanks as always to my awesome sponsor, Orgullosa, for inviting me to Hispancize and allowing me to participate in an amazing day of growth that I would've never experienced if it wasn't for your help and generosity.

P.S: if you ever wondered if it was worth attending Hispanicize, I recommend you at least go once! It is a lot of fun and a huge growing experience for those in the PR, Media and Blogging world. 

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