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Embracing Other Cultures

One of the reasons why I love to travel is because it allows you to expand your horizons and pushes you to open your perspectives about those that are different than you. 

But appreciating others that are different than you is something that has to be encouraged in your household and appreciated on your own. For me, it was my mother, she was the one who taught me to always explore new cultures and appreciate what those that are "different" than me have to offer. She reinforced this by taking me to different cultural events around time, trying new dishes from other countries and joining her in some on some of her business trips. 

Sometimes we even had friends from other countries stay with us for a few days and these folks would take their time to teach us about their culture, language and food. I loved those moments because it always felt like I was briefly escaping my home and imagined myself in their home country.

However, during our voyages around the world, she would challenge me to learn the new language and to do research about the new countries we would be visiting. This is something that to this date I practice every time I am about to jump on a plane whether it is for a personal trip or business trip. 

This was just one of the many things that my mom taught me and it is one that I will make sure to pass along when I have a family. These tips were also super useful to share last week when I participated in a witter party that the folks from #NuevaLatina hosted to celebrate Univision's news reporter, Satcha Pretto's pregnancy and discussed the benefits of growing up in a multicultural world. I learned so much from other moms that joined the conversation, one tip that I read was to start talk to your baby while it is in your belly in both languages (english/spanish); that way it will slowly allow the baby to get used to both languages and will make the learning process much easier/quicker once they are welcomed into the world. 

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