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Culture: Celebrating Being Latina

Over the weekend, I heard a friend of mine mention how she didn't like how she looked when she was younger. She would look at the mirror and call out things that she wanted to change like her curly hair (or what we Latinas call pelo malo), she pinched her nose because she didn't like her nose too wide, or how she wanted to dye her hair blonde because all her classmates had blonde hair. 

After hearing these comments and so many other women in my group agree on these feelings, I realized that it's not just a select group of people who feel insecure this way, it's all Latinas (and women of color) who share these feelings. This is just one of many things that we have so many things in common and once again confirms the many layers of connection we Latinas have with one another even if we don't know each other. 

Orgullosa's Nueva Latina campaign has done an awesome job at breaking down those barriers and building connections as to how all Latinas are connected with one another in a million levels. If you check out their website they have videos that celebrates the cultural pride and undeniable bond that Latinas share and these videos are inspiring women from across the country to reveal what it means to be a Nueva Latina.

he video above is just one of many that they have on their Facebook and YouTube page. I highly recommend for all Latinas out there to view these and even talk to your friends about these videos. You will immediately see how it will connect you with your gals in levels how you never have been connected before. 

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