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Soccer Fever #MyHouseIsMyStadium

This is part of a product review campaign with Orgullosa; complimentary products were provided.  However, all opinions expressed are my own. 

For an entire month I lived, breathed, and consumed soccer! It was the most intense month of my life but worth every minute of it especially since this major tournament only happens once every four years. 

I am pretty much a crazy Spain fanatic, mostly because my father was born there and he taught me everything about the beautiful sport of futbol! However, I had a couple of other teams I rooted for as Spain quickly got eliminated. I was all about team #USA (what a heart break), and Brazil (brutal loss to Germany).

During the semifinals, I hosted an awesome soccer viewing party with some of my favorite friends. I decorated the house with some of my favorite soccer items thanks to the folks from orgullosa. They gave me all the right tools to make #MyHouseIsMyStadium. Below are some pics of our soccer celebration!

You are probably wondering, why is Traveling Latina writing about soccer? If you didn't know, outside of the U.S., soccer is the one sport that unites all countries, languages, sexes, age groups, so on and so forth. The next time you head overseas, have a chat with the locals and bring up futbol, and you will see how their pupils will open wide and they start rambling on and on about their team. 

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