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A Taste of Thailand

Thailand has well and truly established itself as a must-visit country, thanks to stunning landscapes, delicious culinary fare and gorgeous stretches of coastline. From the idyllic beaches in the south to the lush mountains in the north, Thailand has something for everyone and will leave every visitor wanting more. Travel agents, like First Choice, create great packages to give you the best possible chance to get on with exploring the possibilities.


Bustling Bangkok

The country’s capital city is a magnificent metropolis filled with authentic Asian flair as well as some western creature comforts to ease visitors into their Thai experience. Local markets boast everything from delicious street food (try the local Pad Thai) to stunning flowers being sold from river boats. Visitors can behold stunning architecture, larger than life Buddha’s and modest monks all in a single afternoon.


For the ultimate in idyllic Thai beaches, head south to any number of secluded mainland spots or take your pick of alluring islands. With a range of hostel and resort options, all types of travelers can find their version of paradise along these sandy shores. Days can easily fade to weeks when holidays are spent soaking up sun, sampling delicious fresh fruit and curries, or exploring the fresh water gems and salt water jewels of these gorgeous landscapes.



One of Thailand’s most incredible experiences is to explore the country’s underwater worlds. While Phuket is a mainstay for scuba diving enthusiasts, visitors can get certified in any number of locations throughout the country. The world-famous Similan Islands are a once in a lifetime journey and visitors can take overnight boat trips to get the full experience; searching for whale sharks and swimming with turtles while local Thai guides cook authentic meals on-board the boat each night.


Northern Thailand boasts some of the most dramatic and spectacular scenery in the country. Visitors to the north should not miss Chiang Mai, a city known for its popular cooking classes and night markets where tourists can snack on everything from fresh papaya salad to tasty banana and chocolate roti pancakes made to order. Chiang Mai is also a popular point of departure for multi-day treks into the mountains to visit remote hill tribes and ride elephants through the jungle. 


Thailand is a once in a lifetime destination that visitors return to again and again. From incredible beach holidays with some of the most beautiful sunsets on earth, to adventurous jungle treks, everyone will agree that one taste of Thailand is simply not enough.

Images by Swaminathan, Enjosmith and Dennis Jarvis, used under the Creative Commons license. 

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