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50 Shades of Travel

50 Shades of Travel

I'm jumping on the  "50 Shades of Grey" trend and to write a post of the 50 shades of traveling. Ladies and gentleman, traveling is not as "vanilla" as you might think it is. There are some very dark, or grey, areas that exists when traveling...so here is a list of moments that have happened to either myself or friends of mine during their travel journeys!

1. Not booking that travel deal that costs $310 to go to Abu Dhabi from Chicago. 

2. Constantly monitoring airfare deals to purchase a great flight, and when the perfect deal arrives you realize that you are too broke to purchase it (even if it's $100 round trip to SFO with Frontier Airlines).

3. Backpacking across Europe as a college student and only able to afford hostels that are no more than 19 euros a night.

4. Eating some delish street food in Shanghai, and getting the runs the next day and not knowing how to cure it because you don't speak the language and the pharmacist can't understand your hand signals

5. Having to pay 2 euros to go to the bathroom, because free bathrooms at a restaurant where you are already paying for a meal is non existent (unless it's a Michelin star restaurant)

6. Miscalculating your flight departure time because you don't know how to read military time and missing your flight completely.

7. Getting to the airport and your passport is expired...oops there goes your flight to paradise

8. Arriving to your destination hotel and realize you never actually made those reservations, but you sure did think about them...a lot!

9. Traveling with 8 other adults, all very opinionated, all thinking they know how to travel but none of them know how to read a map (did we just get lost for the 3rd time today?!)

10. Telling the bartender in Guatemala that you want a "pitillo" but in his language that means a joint and in Venezuela it means straw, doh!

11. Falling asleep on a public train (metro), you missed your stop and now have to wait another 30 minutes until you get back home/hotel.

12. Book a weekend trip to Barcelona and decide to only spend 19 euros for one night at a hostel because the next day you were going to party all night until you boarded your 7:00 am flight back home...but then realized that the original plan failed and end up sleeping on the airport floor.

13. Jump on a Redeye flight from California to NYC and have the person sit behind you puke all over themselves during the first hour of your 6 hour flight to NYC #FML

14. Take a 14 hour flight from Chicago to Hong Kong with several babies crying 12 out of the 14 hour flight; not even your sleeping pills can put you to sleep with those loud baby screams!

15. Getting to the airport 2 hours before your flight, to only realize the check in line is 3 hours deep long. There goes your flight!

16. Going through TSA and having them pat you down, even in between your legs to only ask...really? did you just do that? why? Why are you cupping my boobs? They are small enough to NOT hide anything! geez! #SMH

17. Another TSA moment....standing next to the stinky feet person. Dude, seriously, you can put on some feet deodorant before you go to the airport.

18. Have to do an emergency landing because someone on the plane is having a panic attack and starts to attack the flight crew. 

19. Traveling on a cross-Atlantic flight and the person sitting next to you passes away. Flight is already halfway to its destination so you are bumped to another seat so you don't have to sit next to a dead person for 4 hours.

20. Finally, being on any flight longer than 3 hours and having a sick, crying baby sitting next to you. I know many parents try their best to accommodate their children during travel but crying baby for more than 10 minutes can become a bit of a headache for all travelers.

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