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Bentonville, Arkansas

I'm starting my first blog with my most recent trip...Bentonville, Arkansas. This was a business trip but it was one I was a bit weary about since I hadn't heard positive things about this town. When I got there I called my boyfriend to tell him two things: 1. It was 110 F at 8pm cst and 2. Where is Arkansas located exactly in the US? There isn't much to see in Bentonville but green areas, farms, huge houses, and tons of manufacturing companies.

I was in the dirty south ladies and gentlemen! The good part about business trips you get to eat and stay in some places that you normally couldn't afford on your own (or at least on my budget). I was placed at the Aloft Hotel which is up there in the weirdest yet nicest hotels I have stayed at. The bathroom felt like I was in a college dorm and the bed was hard as a rock. The internet service is super slow! I couldn't get a chance to watch Dexter on my Netflix because it kept on buffering. One thing that I did like about the hotel was the bar (of course!), the best dirty martini I have had in months was served to me there. Delish! No wonder that's the hotel bar spot-to-be in Bentonville.

I did get a chance to go out to dinner a couple of times and to my surprise, Bentonville actually has some good restaurant selections. I mean they have to! Who would move to Bentonville from cities like Chicago or New York if there wasn't at least some decent dining experiences? I still wouldn't move to Bentonville, even if I was getting paid 3 times more than what I earn now.

My first night we checked out Basil's Cafe which served the most delicious mussels (P.E.I Mussels Prince Edward Island Mussels sauteed with tomato, capers, and gremolata).  It was enough for one person and delicious! 

The following evening we went to Bonefish Grill. Yes I ate a lot of seafood in Bentonville...surprisingly enough it tasted fresh!! Had the bang bang shrimp for appetizer and it was so good...a little bit of tangy and a little bit of spicy. Perfect mix. The sad part is that my main entree was not as great as the appetizer. I had steak and scallops and both were overcooked and dry. 

On our last night we went to Abuelo's Mexican Food Restaurant--horrible service and bland tex mex food. Though I gotta give it to them their margarita's were delish!

I was just told I will be returning to Bentonville in the next couple of months...so be on the look out for my new experiences in Arkansas. Land of Bill Clinton, Tyson and Sam Walton!

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