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Best Countries To Eat! or so they say...

My morning ritual consists of a good cup of coffee and checking out all the headline news on Huffington Post. In today's travel section, Lonely Planet wrote an article about The 10 Best Foodie Vacations and of course I have some thoughts on the list they wrote:

1. Pasta in Naples, Italy: I have to agree to disagree! Naples has some good restaurants with good pasta dishes but I honestly believe Naples forte is Pizza.

2. Couscous in Casablanca. Morocco: Agreed!  I had the opportunity to feast on my first couscous dish in Casablanca with my mother and oh dear lord was it good. FYI: for all you non-foodies...Morocco is the world capital of spices therefore, you will find some of the most delicious dishes ever in this eccentric country. 

3. Curry in Mumbai, India: I haven't been...but will add that to my to do list!

4. Tapas in Barcelona, Spain: I actually must disagree with this location...the best tapas in Spain are found in Andalucia! Granada, Spain had some of the best tapas ever and the best part about it, it came automatically with your drink, just how it should be! 

5. Doner Kebab in Istanbul, Turkey: I haven't been...but another one I will add that to my to do list! But once again..Granada, Spain had some delicious Doner Kebab's as well. 

6. Steamed Dumplings in Shanghai, China: I haven't been to China, but I have been to Singapore and had Chinese Steamed Dumplings...mmmmm delicious!!

7. Gumbo in New Orleans: I asked Marvin if he had Gumbo during his recent trip to New Orleans and he said that it was a hit or miss...there are some places that make it from scratch, which means delicious gumbo! and other restaurants that when they make it, it tastes like it came from a can. Good luck when checking out Gumbo in New Orleans!

8. Nasi Goreng in Penang, Malaysia: I actually tried this dish in Singapore...delicious, one of my favorite Malaysian dishes!

9. Hot dog in New York: AGREED!!! You can not go to New York and not have a hot dog! My favorite spot is Gray's Papaya but any of the street carts work as well. Last time I went to NYC I had about 4 hot dogs in one day...yeah won't be doing that the next time around. 

10. Feijoada in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Brazil, as you know, is on my wish list...but I live bi curiously through other people's experiences...and my brother, who lived in Bahia for a year mentioned that this was a weekly dish you could not miss! Luckily, I've had the chance to try it here in Chicago...it's good...but my dad's black beans are by far much better!!!

Hurricane Earl...you are my enemy!

Ocho Rios, Jamaica Mon!!