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Fourth of July in Boston, MA

My boyfriend and his family invited me to check out Boston for 4th of July and how could I say no to one of my favorite cities in the east coast? Although we spent most of our time hanging out with his family we had the chance to check out a few bars, head to the beach, get a massage, watch some fireworks and eat some fresh seafood!

Our first day in Boston we headed over to Good Harbor Beach in small little town called Gloucester. The drive from Arlington to the beach was about 45mins, well it was supposed to be 45 mins but it took us an hour and 15 mins because we got slightly lost. Once we got into the vicinity, you could see tons of little houses with the old British style structure and the smell of sea. The beach was nice and clean, nothing compared to Chicago beaches. But it was PACKED! Everyone was there, from the want to be Jersey Shore's to the thick Bostonian accents to the random Latinos playing salsa and merengue and speaking loudly!

Good Harbor Beach is a kid friendly beach, a lot of families head over to that beach and play with their children near the soft waves that hit the shore. One thing for sure is that the water was freezing! This Latina was not about to get into that water…nope not me! At the end of our morning beach escape, we walked over to the showers and cleaned ourselves from the sand. Headed over to the washrooms which were a bit dirty but you could tell it's hard to maintain them clean since thousands of people come to the beach every weekend.

A few tips for those heading to Good Harbor Beach: I recommend anyone heading over there to get to the beach early (super early…8am or 9am) so you can get parking in the beach parking lot. Otherwise, you are stuck walking ½ mile or more to find a parking spot (which happened to us two days later). I also recommend bringing your own snacks and food since the food sold at the beach is pretty pricey (ice cream $7.00, mozzarella sticks $10).

After our morning at the beach, we headed back into the city and went to John Harvard's Brewhouse to check out the Spain vs. Paraguay match. I walked in all proud and excited with my Spain jersey and as I walked to look for a table I noticed people staring at me. Yup! I walked into a Paraguay supporting bar…in a little corner the Spanish fans were sitting there quietly. I on the other hand was loud as I could be in the middle of the bar! And excited to see that Spain was going and they did kick Paraguay's butt! The bar is very much the typical pub style bar, where you get to try out some of the local brews. In addition, they have a long list of imported beers for those whose palate is a little bit pickier on what they want to drink while watching a soccer match!

On 4th of July we got the chance to check out the spectacular and by far one of my favorite fireworks show right off the river. One of Marvin's friends lives right in front of the spot where they explode the fireworks. Basically, we got the best view in the house. If you ever get the chance to go to Boston during the summer try to head there for 4th of July you will love it! Trust me, I've seen a lot of fireworks…in almost every continent, and Boston's fireworks are by far the best.

Our last day in Boston we had the chance to indulge in a couple of the cities best kept secrets (well best kept secrets for me!)…We headed to Rosie's Bakery to have a chocolate ganache and coffee. Delicious! The ganache was something out of this world. If you are a chocolate lover then you MUST order one of these! I tagged it along with an iced mocha…chocolate galore for me! After some yummy afternoon delights…we headed to Inman oasis for some massages. The spa is nice and clean, and my masseuse was fantastic! She did a deep tissue massage which was the best deep tissue massage I have gotten in ages. It was exactly what I needed after a long busy weekend.

Before our trip even started I had been craving some fresh seafood. In particular, CRAB!! So we asked around where the best crab spot in Boston was and we were told by 3 different people to head over to The Barking Crab. We were starving and not willing to wait for 35 minutes for a table; so we sat at the bar. Unfortunately, all their beers that were on tap were warm. Which was a huge bummer since there is nothing more delish than a cold tapped beer with some crab legs! Marvin and I shared the 2lb lobster tail and 2lb crab legs as main entrée. For the appetizer we ordered crab cakes. It was by far the best lobster tail, crab legs, and crab cakes I have had in a long time. Well not as great as my father's seafood cooking. But close enough :) Although it sounds like we ordered a lot of food…it wasn't but budgets were a bit tight. At least I got that craving for fresh seafood out of the way.

It was a nice long weekend in Boston…looking forward to going back in November and checking out some other spots. Be on the look out for that post :)

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