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La Tomatina...just a dream

Since I was little all I could remember is my father mentioning how La Tomatina is a waste and he would never do such a thing. As any child when you here about something being bad you want to do it even more. Well here I am, 25 years old and still dying to go to La Tomatina. When I lived in Granada, Spain in 2006 I was looking for all the possibilities of me going to this fabulous event but unfortunately I had classes and couldn't budge.

This year's tomatina was amazing...here are a few numbers:

2010's La Tomatina, by the numbers:
9,940: Bunol, Spain's population
40,000: festival-goers
100: tons of ripe tomatoes hauled in by the town council

So to all my tomato throwing lovers, here is a great article plus photos that Huffington Post posted today. If you have gone, please share some tips because I will make this my goal to go in 2011.

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