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Travel Wish List

A few months ago I decided to write out all the places I would want to travel before I die [if I can control it].

Here it is:

Montreal, Canada
Seattle, USA
San Francisco, USA
San Diego, USA
Las Vegas, USA
Denver, USA
San Antonio, USA
Los Cabos, MX--I'm heading there in a couple of weeks! I'll post all about it later.
Acapulco, MX
Belize City, Belize
San Jose, Costa Rica
Havana, Cuba
Cali, Colombia
Bogota, Colombia
Quito, Ecuador
Santiago, Chile
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Montevideo, Uruguay
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Dublin, Ireland
Lisbon, Portugal
Prague, Czech Republic
Warsaw, Poland
Budapest, Hungary
Sicily, Italy
Bucharest, Romania
Istanbul, Turkey
Athens, Greece
Mumbai, India
Bangkok, Thailand
Beijing, China
Shanghai, China
Hong Kong, China
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Tokyo, Japan
Osaka, Japan
Seoul, S. Korea
Wellington, New Zealand
Tenerife, Spain
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Capetown, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa

A girl has to have dreams...some dream about having a family, a white picket fence house in the suburbs, and all of that jazz...I dream about traveling and where my next destination will be. I'm glad I found someone who will be helping me slowly but surely check off all the destinations off my wish list...you know who you are ;)

Fourth of July in Boston, MA

Bentonville, Arkansas