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Cabo Wabo

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog...must confess managing graduate school and work is not easy...I wish there was 26 hours in one day instead of 24, then i'd get a lot more done. Enough confessing and back to talking about traveling!

I recently went to one my travel wish list destinations: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Marvin and I booked our trip through wwte.com where we were able to get for five days, four night stay in cabo: an all inclusive resort, airfare, and transportation to and from the airport for $750.00. It was a steal! It was pretty inexpensive package since Cabo's high season is during the months of October-January and March-May.

We left on thursday september 2 and was booked to travel with US Airway which meant that our flight itinerary was as follows: ORD to Charlotte to Cabo. It wasn't that bad of a flight from ORD to Charlotte since we took the 6am flight, but the flight from Charlotte to Cabo was long and a bit annoying since we had the wannabe cast of Jersey Shore join us on our flight. I don't know how I took a nap while having them be loud with their thick accents and white tees with rosaries around their knecks. Oh yeah I felt like I was being punked!

Once we landed to Cabo, we had to go through what felt an odyssey to get to our driver. Here is where a huge WARNING sign should've been given to us prior to our trip: WARNING WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO THE CABO SAN LUCAS, ON YOUR WAY OUT YOU WILL BE BOMBARDED WITH PEOPLE TRYING TO SELL YOU RESORT TIME IN EXCHANGE FOR CHEAP ACTIVITIES IN CABO SAN LUCAS. (Tip: if traveling with your partner, say that you are not married and if your age is asked mention any age under 30...why? because they only sell resorts to "families" over the age of 30) After going through two different resorts agents, we finally made it outside: Marvin went straight to the driver and I, as usual, went straight to the bar and bought us some beers. 

Our drive from the airport to the resort, Riu Santa Fe, was about 35 minutes, and even thought it was a short drive we still made a pit stop to refresh everyone's beer in the van...ah! those are the mini perks of a vacation. After making new friends in the van, it was time to check into our resort. Riu Santa Fe: I have fabulous things to say about you:

1. The rooms were clean all the time

2. The food for breakfast and dinner was delicious, lunch can seek slight improvement 
(Note: the food at Riu Santa Fe was much better than the Riu in Playa del Carmen and Riu in Ocho Rios, Jamaica)

3. The pool bars became everyone's best friend around 2-3pm when everyone was sunburnt and cooling off in the water

4. Nice service people who are very attentive and love to talk to you about their rich mexican culture and great places to shop and eat in Cabo

The only negative note I have on the resort is that they do not have an ATM on site. Tip: Either take out all the cash you think you are going to spend at home prior to departure or do it at the airport.

The beaches of Cabo San Lucas are a bit rough...people have actually drowned trying to get out of the ocean, why? because there are strong currents, crashing waves and rips there. Stay out of the water along most of the beaches in Cabo, unless told or seen otherwise.Since it is not recommended to go into the water, I recommend taking long strolls down the beach line. It is a by far the most beautiful view you can have walking down a beach. From Riu Santa  Fe to downtown area is about a 3 mile walk, take a stroll with your partner or friends and get to see the other resorts and different angles of El Arco. 

During our stay we did do some fun activities and one of them was the glass bottom tour. We took a cab from the hotel to the marina which costs about $12 and paid for a glass bottom tour of El Arco and the mountain ranges that are along the coast of this beautiful city. For those of you that don't know: a glass bottom tour boat is a boat that has two glasses on the bottom of the boat that allows you to see to the bottom of the ocean. 

The tour was $10 each and for $2 more you get a beer and for $3 you get to tip the dude who told you all the hot spots to go to and things to do. This tour was fabulous, the water was a bit choppy on our way out to El Arco, but we got to feed tortilla to the gorgeous fishes that are by Lover's Beach. The tour is highly recommended because there is no better way to see the mountain ranges than close up on a boat. 

Scuba Diving

The gear fits, let's go!
After our tour, we booked our trip to scuba dive the coast of Cabo! It was Marvin's first time and my second time...we woke up the next day at 7am and got ready to be at the marina by 8am. Once we got there, we were taken to our instructor, Devor, who gave us a crash course of how to scuba dive. Devor was great at giving detailed instructions with a little sense of humor on the side. I can't seem to find the business card I received from them, but once I find it I will share the name of the location were we met Devor and got the best experience in Cabo. As newbies to scuba diving, the most we were supposed to go deep was 35 feet...instead Devor thought we were ready to do 50 feet. We got to see beautiful colored fishes and feed them, coral of all different colors, "agua malas"...don't know how to say that in English, and some strange looking starfish. Being underwater is an amazing experience, you are there in another world, listening to your own thoughts and seeing things that many can't do because of the fear of the unknown. My Cabo diving experience was much better than my first diving experience in Cozumel last year. If you get a chance to make it to Cabo consider scuba diving as one of your activities. Marvin loved it so much that we both have decided to get certified so we can check out other scuba diving experiences like these that Huffington Post posted.  

Wannabe Johnny Depp

Post scuba diving came party time...we got a chance to check out Squid Roe and ran into Chris Brown and a wannabe Johnny Depp. Drank some cheap beer, danced to some good beats and found ourselves entertained looking at how people were creeping. Squid Roe reminds me of Senor Frogs...I think they are actually owned by Senor Frogs...anyways good times.

We also checked out some delish sushi at Nikki Beach...highly recommend swinging by for a quick bite and a drink. It is a bit euro/techno audience but the view of  Cabo is fabulous while enjoying some fresh sushi.
Sushi at Nikki Beach

I must say, I loved Cabo San Lucas and Marvin and I have decided to make it an annual destination spot to detox from the everyday wear and tear of life in Chicago. We would love to make it a group trip the next time around...but maybe not, since I liked hanging out just with him and meeting new people. Group trips can be fun but at times stressful. But if we were to do a group trip...I would totally stay at Villa de los Sueños del Pedregal, Los Cabos, Mexico

I am guilty of being a tourist who acts and looks stupid!

Hurricane Earl...you are my enemy!