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Summer Time Chi!

A friend of mine just recently shared with me a video that was placed on http://chicagoist.com/ that recaps the summer time in Chicago. 

Oh Chicago...the only season that I truly like this city is in the summer. But in all honesty, my favorite season's are fall and spring! For those that think I am a but nuts for saying that, you will understand why once you spend a whole summer in Chicago. You get worn out really quickly and you can't wait for the fall so you can start using the excuse: it's cold outside, it's raining, it's snowing...so you don't have to ever leave your home and watch reruns of CSI or Dexter. For those who haven't had a chance to spend sometime in Chicago during the summer and for those Chicagoans that are crying that the summer is gone, check out this video so you can reminisce the good times:

Chicago Summer Fast Forward

World's Highest Ice Skating Rink Coming to Chicago

I am guilty of being a tourist who acts and looks stupid!