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Dinner for Cheap?...only in Chicago

Chicago is by far one of the best cities in the US with it's variety of dinner options. I will say that I probably spend about 40% of my annual salary in going out to new restaurants and returning to my favorites. If you are a pizza lover, Chicago offers some of the best deep dishes in the world as well as your random new york style. But the other day, I was watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations repeat episode of his trip to Chicago, if you click on the link you can see his itinerary of his trip to Chi-city and head out to some of the spots he went to. During his trip, he went to a little pizza shop out in the suburb's Burt's Place. I haven't had the chance to head over there but from the review Tony gave and the reviews listed on Yelp it seems like one of THE must go to pizza spot in Chicago.

Although, my heart is set on Lou Malnatti's I am willing to take a break on Lou and head to Burt's...that's my goal for next weekend is to try this oh so delicious looking pizza. I mean just look at the clip of Tony's experience when he went to try this classic Chicago style pizza: Tony_Dives_Into_Deep_Dish_In_Chicago

If pizza isn't your thing; then according to Huffington Post here are some of the best spots to check out in Chicago. As I did before, here are my personal reviews on some of these spots:

Rick Bayless and another fan-myself!

  1. Big Star: located in Wicker Park it is supposed to be one of the best spots to get cheap tacos and margaritas. But my question to you, why would any Latino want to go to Big Star when you can head to La Pasadita down the street and have some real mexican food?? Just saying...
  2. XOCO: MUST PLACE TO GO IN CHICAGO!!! The most delicious Mexican food made by a non-Mexican chef!! I went to this restaurant a few months ago with one of my brother's friends from high school who was in town from London. The food and drinks were by far the best in town..this for sure out-beats Big Star (sorry buddy, but at least the hipsters still love you!). I even got lucky during my visit and got to meet the celebrity chef Rick Bayless...cool dude!: 
  3. Edzo's Burger Shop: I have lived in Rogers Park for 10 years which is about 5 minute drive to downtown Evanston and for some reason I have never seen or heard of this spot. Now I am intrigued...hope to visit soon. 
Now go out there and explore some delicious cheap bites in Chicago....this windy city will sweep your appetite away!

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