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I've been everywhere..but Vegas!

Can you believe that?

Here I am, listening to my coworker telling me how awesome her trip was to Vegas this past weekend. All I can think of is: why haven't I still gone to Vegas?? I have tried planning a trip to Vegas five times already and all of them have failed. I need to make a trip to Las Vegas for sure next year to see what this hype is all about. Seriously disappointed that I have not made it out there and now that I have a frat sister out there I have no excuse!

So as I start 'ideating' for my trip to Vegas next year I saw images of one of the newest hotels in Vegas: Aria Las Vegas. Holy Batman! That is a gorgeous looking hotel. Wonder what it would take for me to stay there for two nights? My coworker stayed at the MGM Grand but she said the walls were so thin that she could here her next door neighbor's midnight rendezvous with another man. I definitely do not want to experience that. I want to stay at a hotel where you can't here other's "random" noises and have comfortable beds for the two hour naps I will be taking on it since Vegas is definitely the city that never sleeps....sorry New York!

I would love to hear of some good tips for Las Vegas, so if you've been...please share! This will help me decide where I should stay, what I must do, and whether I should go with girlfriends or in a group or just with my boyfriend. Thoughts??

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