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Millennium Park : Chicago

This morning, as I browsed through my favorite news website, I noticed that in their travel section they posted an article of the top 9 Greenest and Most Relaxing City Parks. And to my not so much surprise, Millennium Park is named the number 1. Must say I agree!

If you have never been to Chicago and are planning to come...you must visit Millennium Park. It is a great place to escape from the city without ever having to leave it! Tons of trees, flowers, and different paths to explore the park. Over the summer I got to explore it a bit more with Marvin and his family. It was a nice walk through mini-Chicago heaven. Mayor Daley knew exactly what he was doing when he proposed to build this park.

Millennium Park has the privileged to be named #1 among other top notch parks such as:

Hyde Park, London (which I have been and had a delicious impromptu lunch with two of my friends who went to study abroad with me in Spain, it is a great relaxing spot as well!);

Park Guell, Barcelona (also went there during that same trip when I went to Hyde Park, and this is a must see spot in Barcelona since you get to see the entire city from this Park!);

Central Park, New York (the great thing about Central Park is that you start reminiscing all the movies you saw that had your favorite actors either running or walking through that park);

Parque del Amor, Lima, Peru (I visited this park during it's winter season so it was a bit chilly but this park is a great spot to check out the pacific ocean while sipping on some hot cocoa and listening to couples make out and watch newly weds get their picture taken...great experience huh!?);

Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne, Australia (really pretty park, you can take a tour of the park and get to see some interesting horticulture as well as random bats flying everywhere);

and the last one that Huffington Post listed was the Boston Public Gardens (interesting enough, I have been to Boston twice this year and I still haven't seen the public gardens..maybe i will get a chance during my next visit in a few weeks).

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