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Singapore: Durian, dare to try it?

A few years ago, I got the chance to go to Singapore. It was an amazing experience, especially it being my first country to visit in Asia. Amazing city/state with so many cultures, I believe it is a fascinating melting pot that out beats NYC in so many ways. During my trip, I learned about a fruit called "Durian." If you have never heard of it before it has the same texture as a guanabana, bueno casi casi, and it has a smell like rotten feet, if not worse!

Here is a picture so you can get a better understanding on how it looks like:

It looks pretty, in a way but it is by far the most DISGUSTING FLAVORED AND REPUGNANT SMELLED fruit in the world. Well at least in my opinion, but there are plenty of Singaporeans that love the fruit, hence the reason why they consume it almost every. This fruit is banned in the following places: railway carriages, hotels, museums, and any other common tourist enclosed areas, as well as some restaurants in Singapore.

In Anthony Bourdain's Season 3, he travels to Indonesia and get's the opportunity to taste Durian. Here is a link to the episode which shows him eating this intriguing fruit I recommend everyone to try on their own. But according to Huffington Post, it is one of the most exotic foods you should pass on.

Let me just say, I can't believe he likes it...in a way. I remember puking in the middle of the streets of Singapore and then smelling like the fruit for the WHOLE ENTIRE DAY! My tip: if you aren't ready to smell like stinky feet then don't bother trying it. 

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