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Where to go for the holidays?

So as usual, my plans seemed to have fallen through, and this time I honestly think it was karma or just people hating. I was supposed to go to Venezuela for Christmas for 2 weeks and visit my father and finally have Marvin meet my father. But plans fell through, tickets were never purchased and now the tickets are at a price that are ridiculous! Marvin's ticket from Boston to CCS to ORD is coming out to be about $1700 and mine is about $1500. With the purchase of a new home, grad school, and many other things....I don't think it is a smart choice to spend close to $4k in airfare to go to a third world country, maybe to Egypt or China or South Africa. Sorry Venezuela, you lost this battle.

So now here I am contemplating where to go for the holidays since my entire family is going to be in Venezuela for Christmas and I honestly don't want to stay in Chicago for Christmas. So here are my back up plans which I am not sure yet:
  1. Fly to Boston for Christmas and stay there for a couple of days
  2. Then head to NYC and stay there for two days: except hotels around that time of the year are RIDICULOUS
  3. Then head down to DC and spend NYE there with my cousin Erika and then finally meet Marvin's best friend
  4. And finally head home after a two weeks of being in the east coast
My plan B to that plan is to go everywhere but NYC and my plan C to that is to just go to LA only IF my brother decides not to go to Venezuela for the holidays.

Sad this is what I am going to miss from not going to Venezuela in December:

Brownie, my dad's spoiled golden retriever!

My dad (left) and his family

My mom's family with my dad and I

My best friend/sister Luisana and her annoying pooch (see below)

Polo-the annoying pooch

I guess i'll just have to wait for a couple of months until I can get to see my family in Venezuela.

Singapore: Durian, dare to try it?

Millennium Park : Chicago