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I'm flirtatious....

According to this article: 20 Countries With The Most Flirtatious People.

Perfect example: Javier and a bunch of "Guiris"
celebrating his birthday in Granada, Spain
They listed my father's home country Spain as number 1, I mean I am not surprised! Have you ever been to Spain? Or better yet met a Spanish man or woman? They flirt non-stop. It was pretty intense when I went in 2006, but not gonna lie...I loved every minute of it. There is nothing more fun than to have someone innocently flirt with you, but when boundaries are stepped on then that's when I have a problem. But for my relationship sake, I no longer flirt like I used to...don't miss it, but let me tell you it was some good times =)

Anyways, going back to the article, the #10 country listed is VENEZUELA!!!!! Que viva mi pais tan bello, con sus mujeres tan hermosas y sus galanes, con sus playas llenas de belleza y sus maneras de hacer la vida como un carnaval! I mean just look at some pics from mi familia (tan linda que los extrano mucho todos los dias!):

My Spanish father..I miss him a lot!

Mi "hermanis" con sus padrinos

Mis primos y yo

"Venezuelan Stallion" it's a joke,
but hey my bro looks good here!
Mi familia Espanola

Mi tio Antonio-who looks like the Don of my Spanish family

But for those that aren't Spanish or Venezuelan and are wondering where you fall on the list of the world's most flirtatious people here you go:

2. Poland
3. Dominican Republic (Not surprised, my sexy boyfriend family is from there!)
4. Italy
5. Argentina
6. Brazil
7. Chile (makes sense! did you not hear about the Chilean miners with multiple wives!?)
8. Portugal
9. Canada
11. Netherlands
12. Germany
13. Colombia (Yes! Venezuelans beat the Colombians! Woo hoo!...now stop claiming that you guys started Arepas and we will be in good shape =p )
14. United Kingdom
15. Czech Republic
16. Mexico (not surprised at all!)
17. France
18. Belgium
19.United States
20. Ecuador

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