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I am getting ready to head to Boston but this time it is for a wedding!

Marvin's brother is getting married next Friday and I love weddings: so I was for sure not going to miss this one. Especially because I got the chance to get out of Chicago (YES!!!). If you know me well, you know I am not a fan of this city, but hey I have my personal reasons that I will not disclose. One thing is for sure, if the opportunity ever comes to me where I can leave Chicago, I won't think of it twice and will take it!

Ok enough rantings...here is what I am looking forward to during my trip to Boston:

We arrive tomorrow early evening and going straight to Marvin's mom's place to have a home made meal. There is nothing like a home made meal, you just feel warm and welcomed, and I honestly miss that a lot since my family isn't in Chicago (todos estan en Venezuela, y como los echos de menos!).

The last two times I've gone to Boston I had the chance to have a yummy cupcake at Sweet Cupcakes. So I am looking forward to having another yummy cupcake as well as try out new pastry shops such as Modern Pastry's. Recently I learned about Modern Pastry's turrone which in Spanish we say "turron". Mmmm and I love turron! it is my favorite holiday candy except it is a bit hard so you could possibly lose a tooth while eating it. Since I will be in Medford on Friday for the wedding, I am going to see if I can swing by and try out the dark chocolate with coffee turron! oh gosh my mouth just got all sorts of watery thinking about it. I mean just look at this video of them making it: Turrone Video

So for the wedding night, I am excited! I get to finally wear this cute Michael Kors dress and Steve Madden tan pumps that I have been dying to wear forever! And just in case you didn't know, Michael Kors is my all time favorite designer, his clothes and style fit me very well! I love love love Michael Kors! Anyways, I have a feeling it is going to be a gorgeous intimate wedding where we are all going to have so much fun.

On Saturday, we are supposed to have brunch with the bridal party, location and time is TBD but I will make sure to blog about it when I get back. A couple of things I would love to check out either Saturday or Sunday is a restaurant that one of Marvin's friends recommend No 9 Park. It is supposed to be very delicious and have great wine variety etc. It looks a little pricey but I think we can manage this little treat, since it can be our 11 month anniversary celebration. Ah love how cute can you be =)

The other spot I really want to visit is the Sam Adam's brewery. The tour gives you the opportunity to learn more about this delicious beer and also sample some of their specialty ales such as their Winter Ale....mmmm mmmmm delicious! It was thanks to Marv, that I got addicted to this beer. Thanks Marv! =)

I'm looking forward to this weekend and can't wait to write all about it!

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