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Food, Wine, Dessert and Most Importantly: Love..Boston

That's a brief description of my recent trip to Boston.

I must say I never thought in my life that I would visit Boston so many times in one year. I have fallen in love with that city. It feels like a second home in a strange unique way....not the same way how I feel about London but close to it.

Boston as usual was fun but this time around it was rainy. Every day that we were there it rained and it was also pretty cold (bad combo, i must say), but we danced, laughed, cried (well I did! I'm a sucker for weddings) and of course ate...a lot! On our way to Boston we got stuck at Ohare for 45mins due to bad weather in Boston...not surprised at all since for some odd reason I have the worst luck with planes. Once we landed that is when it all began! We arrived to Marvin's mom's house and food was waiting for us. Delish lasagna, salad and wine (of course!)...tons of jokes and laughter filled the table. But as usual, I was one of the first to start passing out (yes as usual...I execute so much energy during the day that by 11pm I am crashing!).

So as I started getting ready to go to bed, I realized that my "hot" shoes that I purchased from Steve Madden where ruined! Somehow during the flight the shoes got damaged with scratches in between the leather and patent. There was no way to fix it, so of course I had a breakdown and most importantly frustrated because now I had to spend my morning finding a Steve Madden in Boston that carried the exact model of the shoes I had previously purchased. Luckily for me, the Steve Madden in Newbury was able to save my day by having my exact shoe size and model. I was happy again and ready to head to the hotel to start getting ready for the wedding. Of course, after having such a crappy morning I indulged myself with a couple of delicious mini cupcakes from Sweets!

We arrived to the Courtyard hotel (which is part of the Marriott family) and was surprised by having our room taken cared of thanks to Marvin's mother. This helped us out a lot since we had a lot of expenses coming up for our new home together! (Yes I bought a condo and will dedicate a post to that since I know many of you will have questions about it!). After being at the hotel for an hour I was starving and Marvin was kind enough to get us sandwiches...but they weren't the typical subway or potbelly's style sandwiches....it was east coast style with tons of veggies and meat and cheese. Although, the bread was a bit too big for all the ingredients. Unfortunately, I don't recall the name of the shop but if I do I will make sure to post it.
In the Limo on our way to the Wedding!
(from the left Joe, me and Laurin)

After scarfing down the sandwich and a Sam Adam's Summer Lager we got ready to party party! We got into the stretch limo and headed to the hall but of course we took plenty of pictures prior to arriving to the wedding...so here are a couple:

Marvin and I posing in our Michael Kors outfits

The wedding was gorgeous and intimate, just the way I would like it for if and when it were to happen to me.  Summer and Richard looked so happy and just glowing with love. Of course the most important part of the wedding is the food, drinks and DJ: and all three of them were great. We enjoyed some delicious turkey, Cesar salad, ravioli, cheeses (oh how I love cheese!), and my favorite was the scallops wrapped with bacon mmmm mmmm delicious! I think I ate about 6 of those (yeah this fat kid indulged!). The great part about it is that we danced and laughed it all off!

Post the wedding, we had breakfast at the hotel and then headed back to Marvin's mother's house to relax a bit but prior to making it to her house we stopped by Modern Pastry to have some delish turron. I bought the traditional, espresso with dark chocolate and caramel turron. They were all delicious, by far some of the best turrons out there. The best part of them is that they don't tend to want to break your teeth like some of the ones I used to eat in Venezuela and in Spain...here are some pics from our mini excursion:
Boxed filled with deliciousness!

Modern Pastry's Turron

Laurin posing outside

Post Modern Pastry it was all about relaxing and enjoying Marvin's family...from more homemade meals to watching NFL the whole day (while I rocked my Bears shirt!) to watching more TV than what we had ever done in a couple of months combined.

These are the kinds of vacations I like to enjoy and have. Looking forward to being back in Boston for Christmas...can't wait to see how New England is during this time of year. I was told it is magical and nothing feels like true Christmas like being in New England because of all the snow in the trees and the smell of pine trees. If you know me, you know how much I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I was listening to Christmas music the second week of November, that's how much I love Christmas. So I am going to truly enjoy our upcoming trip with more family stories and places to visit to baking goodies with Marvin's sister in law and of course a little bit of shopping since Massachusetts has no tax on clothing and shoes and some house items.

Till the next post which I hope I can write and finish soon...

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