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Have you ever spent Christmas in New England? More specifically in Boston? I haven't and it was my first "big holiday" that I was getting the chance to spend it with my boyfriend's family.

Merry Christmas Cupcakes by:
AB Cupcakes
A couple of acquaintances have mentioned that Boston during Christmas is magical (not like NYC) but more like a fairytale. So of course, I went there with the precognition that it was going to be all white and gorgeous...unfortunately it wasn't snowing and all white. Although, there was some snow on the ground there when I got there.  But my trip to Boston really started the moment I got to the O'hare.

My mother was also traveling on Christmas day, she was heading to Venezuela (where I was supposed to have been for the holidays, but some greater force didn't allow me to have that...once again) and I was, of course, heading to Boston. We arrived around 3am since her flight was at 6am...the crappy part is that my flight was at 8am. So here I am at O'hare walking around like a zombie, but the great part about traveling this time around is that I was traveling as an American Airlines Gold Member status, so I had priority check in (can check in luggage without a fee!) and only had to wait through security for two minutes instead of 45 minutes! Ah, it's great to have priority access! Now thinking about it, I should be a spokesperson for American Airlines.

Finally after having my Starbucks, working for 2 hours, and watching an hour and a half of Just Wright (pretty good corny movie but I would recommend it to those who like movies as such) my flight was ready to start boarding. Once again, thanks to my new Priority Access, I got the chance to board the plane first before everyone else boarded. What that really meant to me was that I got the chance to sit down and pass out until I landed in Boston. Which is EXACTLY what happened! I woke up twice: once was to realize that I had no one sitting in the seats next to me so I decided to spread out and stretch my legs and the second time was when the flight attendant told me were were preparing to land. All this time I didn't realize that the flight was 300 minutes delayed thanks to the wings being frozen!

I Love You
Once I arrived to Boston, Marvin met me downstairs at baggage claim. It was a great way to really start my Christmas morning...saying Merry Christmas to my mom in the crack of midnight and my love later in the morning. It was a cold and windy (not like Chicago)...just what I was expecting! Every time we drive out of the airport you get a straight shot of Downtown Boston. It's one of my favorite skylines (or semi-skyline since no one can really beat Chicago or NYC).  Once we arrived to his mother's place and we exchanged Christmas gifts and it was definitely everything I was expecting to receive! I got a lovely pink Sony camera so I can document all of my trips and place better resolution pictures onto my blog =). I also got a Celtics' Rondo T-shirt, who is one of my favorite players on the team. And the best gift of all: a Tiffany & Co. ring that says I Love You. After exchanging gifts, we enjoyed sometime...napping! I needed to get my beauty sleep before heading out to Christmas Dinner.

Christmas Dinner at Darin and Jaye's was a lot of fun! So much food, drinks, gifts, love and most importantly...cheer!! Jaye was the chef of the night and made the best Lobster Bisque that I have ever had. Just re-thinking about made my mouth super watery. Everything that Jaye prepared was amazing from the beef to the mashed potatoes, to the cupcakes to cookies and ice cream..amazing! The Smith family have a tradition of doing a Yankee gift swap every year, this year I got to participate in it for my first time ever (with the family and the concept in general). For those that don't know what a Yankee gift swap is, here is a brief explanation of it:

Feliz Navidad
1. everyone brings a $20 gift of their choice, preferable unisex
2. pile all the gifts onto one area of the house where everyone can see the gifts that are being picked
3. distribute out a number to each person
4. the person with #1 gets to pick first and picks any gift they would like
5. you start going in numerical order until everybody has obtained a gift
6. let's say that #1 got a $20 gift card to Starbucks and #6 got a spatula, #6 can go up to #1 and say: i want your gift, and #1 then gets stuck with the spatula and #6 gets to keep their new gift until someone else decides to steal it away from them (if it happens)
The best Yankee swap gift!
7. the game ends and if you'd like you can negotiate your ways with others...that's how I got to keep the Snuggie but not the grill (darn it!)

The next day we headed out to do some damage to our bank accounts, i.e. shopping!. We spent the day shopping in Framingham, Mass. at all the places where we had gift cards at Nodstrom Rack and DSW. Then of course we got hungry and noticed that across the street to where we were at was Big Pappi's Grille and having a hardcore Red Sox Fan boyfriend, we HAD to go there! So we did. We took advantage of the $5 appetizers and ordered some delicious Dominican Republic/American fusion dishes such as:

1. Citrus Chicken Wings
2. Tostones
3. Pulled Pork Burgers

But there were so many options it was sooo hard to choose from just look at the picture below of the menu:
 The place is actually very cool! If you are into the Red Sox and of course into Big Papi then you will love the spot because it has all of his history with the Red Sox in every wall. It also had large LCD screens everywhere with ESPN on so you can watch the latest sports game which if I remember well it was the Patriots playing just don't remember who they played against, but I do know they did win that game.

The rest of my trip in Boston was very much dedicated to spending time with the family, especially since we had a really bad snow storm that gave us about a foot of snow. Enough for us to go sledding with the kids! It was fun but very very cold.

But it was thanks to the snow storm why I wasn't able to go to the Sam Adam's Brewery or to Sandrine's restaurant. Hopefully I will be able to go to Boston soon to finally be able to visit these two locations and many more. In the meantime, I will finish this post dreaming about my next Sam Adam's beer and how delicious it taste...just like the saying goes: "once it hits your lips, it taste sooo good!"

Ice Skating in a Historical Baseball Stadium

Cheer with an Empire State of Mind