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Ice Skating in a Historical Baseball Stadium

This blog post is for all of my Chicagoans looking for something to do during the winter time. What better way to spend a couple of hours (well for me would be minutes, more like 20 minutes) in an ice skating rink in one of the oldest baseball stadiums in America?

Late last year I posted a blog how the historical John Hancock was going to have Ice Skating in the Sky. Well, to be quite honest that does sound really cool and I bet it will be an amazing experience when I go next week. BUT, there is nothing like being able to say: "I ice skated at one of the nation's historical baseball stadiums" yes you heard right...The Wrigley Field (Home of the Chicago Cubs) is having an ice skating rink in the middle of the field for all Chicagoans and tourist to come and skate at. I am not a fan of the cubs, I actually think they suck, but I am all about history and new ways of enjoying it. So here is your chance Chicagoans, and myself, to enjoy a true unique experience:

Rink at Wrigley (MLB.com)
The pricing are as follows:

Mon-Thur.: $5 Adults, $3 Children, $5 Adult Skate Rental and $3 Children Skate Rental
Friday-Sunday (it's double the price): $10 Adults, $6 Children, $10 Adult Skate Rental and $5 Children Skate Rental

I hope to be able to visit soon so I can give it a better review experience. BUT if you have gone, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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