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Hoy el pais de Egipto se libero de un comandante! Hoy el pais de Egipto ha creado historia! Que viva Egipto! Que viva la democracia! It is an emotional day today for Egyptians. Egypt is a country with so much history and continues to make history.

In May of 2010 I headed with 13 Rotaractors and Rotarians to Cairo, Egypt for a service project to help bring agua potable into one of the poorest villages in the center of Egypt. It was an amazing experience and I truly will never forget it.

During my visit there, I got a chance to meet some great people with tons of passion and willingness to fight for their dreams. Today, we saw that come to life around the world....almost a year ago I saw it come to life face to face. In my 9 days there we did a lot of amazing things including to visit some of the most historical places that many only dream of seeing. Well 13 of us got to experience it together and it was breath taking.

Since this is a travel blog, not a political blog, I will stop my rantings on what occurred today but will recommend many to jump on the next plane to Cairo and check out this country. If you think NYC is a melting pot, then you need to see it's biggest competitor...Cairo!

It is a city where you can easily get lost with it's streets! It is a city where you can enjoy almost anything you crave for from around the world. You can easily get ripped off if you aren't smart about your next move but if you are smart you truly enjoy it! You meet some of the most intriguing people who love learning more about you and your experiences than anything else. With it's rich history, beautiful men and women, and its delicious food...you leave this country hypnotized and wanting to go back. 

If you decide to go to Egypt, let me know so I can connect you to some peeps there who will be more than excited to show you around the city. But here is a checklist of things that you MUST do:

  1. Visit Giza Pyramids (breathtaking)
  2. Eat lunch at Andrea Restaurant
  3. Visit Sakkara Step Pyramid
  4. Visit Memphis museum
  5. Visit Egyptian Museum (get ready to see some mummies!)
  6. Eat lunch at Filfila
  7. Visit Khan El Khalili Souk (the best place to shop! and meet some great people...but you better be ready to negotiate!
  8. Visit El Moez Street 
  9. Visit El Hussein Mosque
  10. Visit Coptic Cairo
  11. Visit The Citadel (best view of the city!)
  12. Take a Felouka ride on the Nile (A SUPER MUST!)
  13. Go to the casinos on the Nile
  14. Party at After Eight: small shop but tons of fun and live music

I look forward to visiting Egypt again...hopefully sooner than later.

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