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Top Romantic Destinations

In lieu of Valentine's day, I have decided to create my own version of top romantic destinations. Even though, Huffington Post just posted The Daily Beasts' 


 about 50 best cities for love this morning. Some of mine might overlap with theirs but I will be adding more details than what they have disclosed.


Here are my top 10 locations that I would say are the most romantic spots in the world. They are not in numerical order so don't think that one is better than the other:

  • Florence, Italy:
    • Many people who know me are going to say- of course she picked Italy as one of her top destinations-well there is a reason for that. Florence is the city where I discovered to LOVE true ice cream and LOVE art. It is one of the most beautiful cities that Italy has and by far one of the ones that has kept a piece of my traveling heart.
    • Rome, Italy:
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            • I chose Rome for the sole purpose because one of the most romantic fountains in the world is based in this ever enchanting city, La Fontana de Trevi. You walk towards it and you just feel like you should be in love (if you aren't already!) and if there was any way that you could take pictures of what you are feeling then mine would be a bunch of angels/cupids and hearts floating around with kisses being blown everywhere...OKAY way over the top romantic, yes! but if you have been there you know what i am talking about. And let's not forget some of the best Italian food can be found in Rome's little run down paths (never eat in Rome on a busy street, discover the small ones with little boutique restaurants, those are the best!)
            • New York City, NY:
                  Empire State..of Mind
                • I have a thing for NYC and it has always been love. Frank Sinatra, just one of my favorite artists, made me see NYC in a different light. What makes NYC romantic, well Sex and the City made me see NYC as the city to find Mr. Big and smile and laugh about everything. It is the city of opportunities, fashion, music and most importantly food. Some of the world's best chefs live here, how can you not be in love in a city that makes great food. great food = eternal love (in my books at least). 
                • Boston, MA :
                        Boston Common
                      • This one might be a bit biased, but I have fallen in love with this city because that is where I truly realized I loved the man that is in my life. I loved being around him and discovering his hometown and learning all about his family and getting to meet them. BUT for those that don't have that excuse, I would say Boston is an antique city that feels very welcoming with it's gorgeous trees and flowers during the spring and summer seasons. With some of the best seafood...you know what they say about seafood...(wink)
                      • Nerja, Spain:
                      • With its gorgeous beaches, people, and delish Mediterranean food...how can you not fall in love with this city. It is in the south of Spain and by far has some of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean sea. It is also Spain...1/2 of my roots and as we already know the #1 flirtatious country in the world
                      • Vienna, Austria:
                      • City surrounded by snow capped swiss mountains year-round. Where the people always smile and are very welcoming. If you love the winter, a good beer, and great people this is a city I would recommend. It is a peaceful city, a city to hold hands and see elderlies holding hands as they take a stroll down Kurpark Oberlaa (one of their main city parks). 
                      • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico:
                              Nerja, Spain
                            • If you are looking for a place with a beach, gorgeous view and weather year round, then Cabo is your destination. It is by far much more beautiful then the Quintana Roo area of Mexico. It is a couples destination during the off season so make sure if you go, go with your lover!
                            • Malibu, CA:
                            • Malibu's beaches are amazing! I haven't seen beaches such as the ones in California but when my brother took me to Malibu two years ago, I fell in love with that location. One of the public beaches that I went to (don't remember the name) is about 100 ft away from a cliff. You need to hike down the cliff and then voila! you are at the beach. It feels secluded but when you see those gorgeous homes and the waves and the clean sand...you are in heaven.
                            • Paris, France:
                                    Playa del Amor, Cabo
                                  • I have to include Paris in this countdown. It sounds over rated and for many it might just be because it is one of the most prime cities in Europe and also everyone says it is the "city of love."  But really I have included Paris in this list because of it's wine, cheese, food, and gorgeous streets. You feel like you are in a movie while you walk down every block of this magnificent city. I would highly recommend going during the low-season. 
                                  • Monaco, Monte Carlo:
                                  • Located in the French Riviera is by far one of the most gorgeous quaint cities in the riviera. There is so much beauty in this city (well most of it is paid for since only the wealthiest vacation there) from it's castles, history, and view of the Mediterranean sea. If you like casino's and playing with peoples hearts, then this is the city for you!

                              According to the Daily Beasts here are their top 10 destinations:

                              1. San Antonio, TX
                              2. Milwaukee, WI (this one is quite questionable!!)
                              3. Austin, TX
                              4. Virginia Beach, VA
                              5. San Diego, CA
                              6. Boston, MA**
                              7. New Orleans, LA
                              8. Hartford, CT
                              9. Cleveland, OH
                              10. Portland, OR

                              This is for my people...in Egypt!

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