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How to Gain Weight While on Vacation

That's easy, just eat everything in site! Or something like that.

Bollito de Chicharron
On my recent trip to my motherland, Venezuela, I ate everything that I possibly could since I had been craving the food for the longest time! Especially, since my dad and all his brothers used to be chefs at a restaurant they all owned, which they learned to perfect every single cooking skill and Spanish dish possible. They cook amazingly, let me tell you that every time I think of their meals my mouth gets watery. Every time I head to Venezuela, I always have one request, dad please make your delicious pernil! For those of you who don't know what pernil is it is roasted pork shoulder. Let me tell you, I have had pernil from all over Latin America...and NO ONE can do it as delicious as my father. I kid you not. Several people have tried my father's pernil and have said that his cooking out beats their parents pernil. There you go!

Side note: Anthony Bourdain, when you start planning your trip to Venezuela, you better call me so I can show you what true pernil truly taste like.

Queso de Mano
I know that my blog is about traveling but one of the key things in traveling is trying the food in each of those countries and cities you visit. So besides scarfing down pernil, I also enjoyed the comfort food such as jamon serrano y gueso manchego con canilla; parrila a lo Venezolano (chicharron, chorizo, morzilla, bistec, y por su puesto guasacaca); arepa con pernil (no hay nada mas rico en este mundo que una arepa con pernil); solera verde y azul (verde para echarte una prendidita y la azul para la dieta, jajaja); pirulin, toronto, profiteroles; y mucho mucho mas!
Carne en Vara

I even ate queso de mano (en Venezuela comemos muchos quesos!), arepa con jamo serrano and also devoured avocado with sliced tomatoes; a side dish of hot potatoes with none other than the furriest and cutest animal of all...rabbit. Yes rabbit, for all of you that are judging, rabbit is actually quite delicious and very tender. It is also one of the healthiest animals to eat since they aren't fatty at all compared to pork, beef, etc. The way my dad made it is impossible to describe, there was a mix of heavy garlic, some jalapeno, red wine, pasas, perejil, and olive oil, just to name a few. After eating this delish meal, which was one of my two birthday meals (first one was 1.5 kilos of lobster in Los Roques), we enjoyed some home made brewed Venezuelan espresso, which is super strong compared to the stuff we drink here in Venezuela.

If you don't want to gain weight while on vacation, than eat with moderation (which is difficult when you are enjoying delicious meals) and try to fit in some workouts whether it is speed walking or doing some sit ups and push ups, etc. Otherwise, you will gain about 3lbs like I did, in which I am still trying to get rid of a month later! C'est la vie, I guess!

If you'd like any of the recipes for some of the dishes I listed above, let me know and I will share them with you via email.
Potatoes, Avocados and Tomatoes


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Los Roques, Venezuela