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You've heard of the saying that everyday you learn something new, well case in point: yesterday during my Leadership in Public Relations class I learned that there is a website called the Most Traveled People where it list all the destinations/key places around the world and people who have actually used this list to check off the locations they have been to and the many more they still need to accomplish. Especially since there are 872 around the globe destinations listed in this site.

Bill Altaffer-
Most Traveled People.com
My professor, who shared this info with me after I stated all the places I have gone to and talked about my blog, mentioned that I should check it out. Especially, since his friend is listed as the second most traveled man in the world, Bill Altaffer. Must say, I would love to have his job, to travel just for the sake of traveling. According to the website, Bill Altaffer has been to 815 places and has 57 places remaining on his list, that my professor mentioned he will probably accomplish in the next couple of years.

This website has inspired me to do two things: 1. to sign up and see where I rank with the most traveled people around the world and 2. to travel more, find ways and the time to just travel and start visiting new locations!

So for all you travel junkies or hopefuls, I highly recommend checking out this site, it will help you narrow down the places you should go to and admire those top travelers for being able to do what we all wish to do...travel for a living!

Update: I signed up and noticed that I have visited 68 out of the 872 destinations. Not bad for a 26 year old with inspiration to conquer the world through traveling!

Destino: Latinoamerica Contest

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