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My addiction in NYC...

Cookies n Cream: Absolutely delicious!
A few weeks ago, I got a chance to go to NYC for a quick one-day business trip. To my luck, I was able to finally visit Crumbs, a place that I was told in my previous trip to NYC that their cupcakes were addicting. Well, that wise person, was right. By far the most delicious cupcakes ever. The moment I walked into the shop, I was super intimidated to see all these ginourmous cupcakes. Some of them were the size of my hand! And they had a million flavors! It was a cupcake lovers paradise/dream come true.

I ordered a Red Velvet, Cookies n Cream, St. Patrick's day cupcake, Lemon, and a Good Guy. Some of which I have pictures of to the right. I don't remember the cost of each individual cupcake but I do know I paid about $20 for all of them. Quite pricey for a few cupcakes but hey when they are the size of a birthday cake it's not that bad. Each one of them has about 450 calories (give or take) which if you are watching your diet, probably not the smartest thing to eat. But I wasn't so I definitely enjoyed eating these suckers with my boyfriend. As I landed in O'hare and showed him the treats, the look in his eyes were both terrorized of how large and fatty they are and happy like a fat kid who
loves cake!

This whole time I thought that the only place in the world to enjoy these delicious Crumbs cupcakes were only in NYC. Well, I just found out they recently opened a shop in Chicago, which I dare not to visit since I know I will probably go insane and add another 30 lbs to my weight! So I am pretending that my new found addiction only exists in NYC and I will only have them while I am there.

As you can tell by my many blogs in which I have written about cupcakes, I am a huge cupcake fan. It is a thing I picked up a few years ago as a way to heal and relax from so many things that were happening at once. Baking has always been in my blood but eating the delish treats is also something that I am passionate about. Every city I have gone to in the last year here in the U.S. I have searched for cupcake shops to compare and contrast. I also try them out to see in what ways I can improve mine. So here I am including mini blurbs about my second passion in life, baking/cooking and telling you all about it. Maybe one day, I will be able to quit my full time job, become a housewife and bake cupcakes and travel all the time...a girl can only dream! (sigh)

Now if there was only a way to enjoy a cupcake and not gain weight from them, would be fabulous! Ah the struggles of loving food, wine, and desserts and trying to maintain your figure.

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