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Have you ever been to Vermont?

Downtown Brattleboro
source: SIT blog
A long time ago, my brother got accepted to School for International Training based in Brattleboro, VT. When move in day came for my brother, we all took a flight out to Boston (since it's the closest international airport to Brattleboro) and rented a minivan so we can move all of his "stuff" to VT. I don't recall how long of a drive it was, probably somewhere around 4 hours, and we arrived to this quaint little town called Brattleboro. If you love trees, mountains, being outdoors, and maple syrup....then Vermont is the state for you.

My brother got a chance to take some amazing pictures of Vermont during his time there. Unfortunately, digital cameras didn't exists during that time so all the pictures are printed. One of these days I'm going to have to scan all of them and make them available so I can share for posts like this one.

The Inn
source: Groupon
The reason why I am blogging about Vermont is because this morning Groupon posted a great deal for a town that is about an hour away from Brattleboro called West Dover. If you live in the New England area, I would totally check out this deal! For $320 you can get a two-night stay and five-course chef tasting menu for two at The Inn at Sawmill Farm in West Dover. According to Groupon, the value is originally $645 so you are getting about a 50% discount, not bad!

If you don't know much about West Dover, then check out their website. From what I have learned, it is a great ski/snowboarding destination so go while it is cold outside....or if you are like me that can't stand to think about snow for one more day, then head out there during the summer season for a nice hike throughout Mount Snow mountains and check out some of the most beautiful falls.

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