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How to plan a group roadtrip to Yellowstone

The last couple of weeks I have been part of the planning process for a road trip with 5 other friends to one of America's most visited and fascinating parks, Yellowstone. 

When the opportunity was presented to me, I said "Why not? Should be ./fun!" I have never done a cross-country road trip that I can remember, I did a lot of them when I was a child and the only things I remember was crying in the car, getting car sick, images of Disney World and images of the old NYC times square (clearly not enough to most of the experiences were negative, but I was a child what do you expect?).

So in the last couple of weeks, one of the couples that we are traveling with has been taking the lead on planning this 8 day trip from June 30th until July 7th. Not going to lie, it feels great to rely on others to plan out a vacation instead of me having to coordinate all the details, I am so grateful for this! I mean, all I do everyday for a living is plan, plan, plan for clients, the last thing I want to do (which sometimes it is hard not to) is plan my personal life and travels. 

Jackson Hole, WY 

Going back to the topic at hand, I spoke to my brother the other day about the trip because he used to live in Wyoming and visited Yellowstone/Jackson Hole several times and the one thing he said that stuck to me was "la epoca que vas para alla es la epoca mas ocupada para ir a visitar" and my response was of course it is! So far we have decided on where we are going to stay and that we are renting a minivan to fit all three couples and a two year old toddler. We have rented a house in Driggs, Idaho which is about 45 minutes from Jackson Hole for  a reasonable rate of $2170 (for the whole week), or $723 (per couple). The house has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, a hot tub and amazing views of the mountain range. Click here to see pictures. In addition, we have rented a Nissan Sienna to fit all of us so we just take one car instead of taking three (one per couple). 

So now we are at the stage of planning our route to and from and what we are going to do the days there (tours to rodeo to white water rafting, the options are endless!). But the one thing I completely forgot to think about was how am I going to maintain my extracurricular activities of working out and blogging? Right now I have no solutions but the moment I come up with some I will make sure to share with everyone.

Until the next post, safe travels everyone!


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