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Where to find travels deals!?

Check today's Groupon! This morning I was looking at Groupon's deal when I noticed that they are now offering travel deals--yes I am as surprised as you are.

Today's deal is for Celebration Cruise Line. For $299 you get a Two-Night Cruise for Two Guest or $449 for Two-Night Cruise and Two-Night Stay in a Bahamas Resort for Two. I wish I could purchase today's deal but unfortunately at this moment I'm saving up money for furniture for my new condo. So for those that are looking to get away to the Bahamas or try out a cruise trip, I highly recommend checking out this deal! It is definitely a good buy.
sourced from groupon.com

But if you don't have the budget to purchase this deal today, I would recommend to check out AAvacations they also offer some awesome deals on cruises. I have never done one but have been told that they can be a lot of fun for us youngin' only if you do the shorter trips....the longer ones tend to get a bit boring for us that have active lifestyles.

Safe Travels!


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