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I got the opportunity to attend Victoria's Secret Bombshell Summer Tour, at their Chicago location on N. Michigan Ave. It was an event that I was looking forward to especially because I love Victoria's Secret summer products. I find them to be the best stuff out there for summer vacations!
The basic essentials for a summer vacation is definitely a form fitting bathing suite and the perfect tan! Some of my favorite bathings are from Victoria's Secret, so check out their website were they always have cute styles on sale year round!
One of my favorite tan products are also sold at VS, and lucky for myself and my fellow bloguera Alicia Borchardt we got a chance to test this summers Beach Sexy-VS tan products. They are fabulous and definitely make you have that look like you have been out in the sun the whole day! The only thing is that if you are traveling and jumping on a plane, you won't be able to add these items to your carry-on. So I would recommend to purchase the loose powder blend where it still gives you a bit of a tan blushed look and you can use it everywhere on your body.

 Another great item that they had is their new Bombshell Summer perfume! The lily of the valley and hint of grapefruit creates the perfect sun-kissed citrus scent. This was by far my favorite out of their extensive summer perfume collection! Every time I smell it, it reminds me of when I went to Cabo last year.

So there you have it ladies! Head out to Victoria's Secret to get your ultimate summer essentials especially if you are traveling to fun summer destinations like Mexico, California, Miami!

Til the next time! Feliz Viaje!

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