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The past few weeks, we have been hearing about the tornado disasters in the south and how the Mississippi river keeps on growing and drowning many small towns and farms. Well has continued and it expects to be worse. Memphis, Tennessee is has been flooded, many have been already advised to leave the city and find other places to stay until the river has gone down. Images of the ever expanding river were seen on CNN American Morning, this morning. It was one that I could not believe!

I have been to Memphis a couple of times for personal reasons, my parents went to school at the University of Tennessee and my mother years ago decided she wanted to visit. When we arrived, it was by far a town that I had only seen in movies, very quaint, shiny happy people, and peaceful. With today's new, my heart is broken to hear and see what is happening in the Midwest and southern regions of the U.S.

source: wwl.com
And presently, Louisiana's lowland is being affected by the growing river. It just seems like there is no break for these southern states, particularly Louisiana. If you were planning on traveling to any of these states that is currently under state of emergency due to the rising river, I would rebook it for later on in the summer/dry season. To further learn more about this natural disaster, click here and here.

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