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A Traveler with a Dog

Earlier this year, I decided to adopt a dog. It was the most self-rewarding experience ever. He was a Shephard/Collie mix who loved being in a home that gave him tons of love. He was a little hyper but enjoyed chewing on Trader Joe's rawhides and peanut butter in his Kong. He loved long runs but preferred running with me since my runs are more like a jog and a fast paced walk for him (lol). He still nibbed a lot but he was slowly learning that wasn't the best thing to do. He enjoyed drinking from the toilet and randomly steal food from the counter. He loved jumping up and down when I got home and rub his whole entire body on my legs, just like a cat would do. He loved it even more when I laid on the floor with him and he got the chance to lay on my legs and let me rub his belly. He gave me so much love and sometimes he made me lose my patience, but Rondo was "fiel" (loyal) and that was something that I honored, cherished, and loved a lot. Unfortunately, a traveler like myself can't stay in one place for too long because I start to get antsy. And I start to feel clogged up with my ideas.

Rondo, my loving one year old puppy, will be truly missed. His bowl was still full the morning I took him back to where I adopted him. It didn't kick in till later that day that he became homeless again because his mom was a selfish person that wanted to travel instead of trying to help him grow and train him to be the best dog in the world. He is a very smart dog and I know he could've been trained into a fabulous dog, but unfortunately five months was enough for me to learn that right now I am not ready to own a dog. He will always be my "chirriquitico" "mi precioso de mami" "mi bello perrito del mundo" but I needed to refocus on my life before I continued on with the commitment on having Rondo for the rest of his life, which was said to be another 15 years.

It was the hardest decision I have ever made, but as a citizen of the world, it was something that I had to do for my sanity. So here is what I wish I could've said to my Rondo that I couldn't say to him when I dropped him off: "I am sorry Rondo that I couldn't be the owner you wanted me to be, but I promise and God will make sure of it, that you will find a new home with a loving family who have children, a large back yard and will adore you, and play with you. Rondo, I know you will eventually understand that I did this for the best of us both. You suffered too much anxiety living in my home because I was barely around and you wanted to be around me all the time. I'm sorry I didn't allow you to grow into the dog you wanted to be with me, but I know that God will make sure you will be in a better home, I just know it. You are so gorgeous, happy and lovable, that you will find a home really quick."

A traveler like myself can't get a dog, it's not fair for neither one of us. People said he was too big, I didn't think that size mattered because at the end of the day, even if Rondo was a teacup, he still couldn't come with me to every single trip I still have in mind to take. So here I am, battling through emotions and hoping to take a trip asap so I can feel better about everything that I have gone through the last five months.

Sometimes in life, we go through challenges to see how we learn from them. I learned with this challenge that it is going to be a long time until I have a dog again. I need to fulfill my personal goals before I commit to a lifetime with a furry partner.

So there you have it, a traveler with a dog is not existent, but if you have tips in how it can happen please do share because I hope that eventually I can get another furry friend who can enjoy all the trips and moments that I enjoy.

Until the next time...feliz viaje!

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