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Las Vegas: Captivating city

About a year ago, I posted an article about how I was surprised that I still hadn't gone to vegas.

Well here I am, in Las Vegas enjoying MGM's pool side with some cold $5 Bud lights, my best friend and having the time of our lives.

We don't gamble but we do enjoy a few spiked beverages ;) so that is what is making this trip so much fun. Also meeting people from all around the world.

This is a city to basically do everything you do at home on a weekend but with sun, tons of heat, gambling, and a sense of no responsibilities. It is of course the sin city, the only sin I'm doing is drinking and people watching. Lol.

Later this weekend, ill share a complete detailed post with my experience in Vegas. I already have a list of plus and negatives of Vegas.

Till the next post, safe travels!

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