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Our first day exploring Yellowstone started by stopping in Jackson Hole to pick up our Virtual Tour Guide. For fifty dollars a day you get a GPS that takes you through Gran Teton and Yellowstone. Steve, the genious behind this GPS, is your tour guide throughout the park. His voice (since it is virtual) is soothing and yet exciting when fun things are around to see. He also shares some great history and stories about both parks. Tip for the traveler: if you like doing things at your own pace and low budget, I would highly recommend renting this GPS.

Our route started by going through the Gran Tetons (French for Gran Tetas/Tits). We got our 25 dollar, seven day pass, which allows you to drive through both parks. As you drive through the Tetons north to Yellowstone there are plenty of picture perfect spots for you to take advantage of.

Our first stop in Yellowstone was at the South entrance. There you get the chance to take a picture at a post sign that says Welcome to Yellowstone. We kept on driving the curvy road until we hit Lewis Falls. Great spot to stop and take pic of a fall really close to you in the background.

Once we finished posing, we headed to West Thumb Geyser Basin. It was one of the locations that I loved the most since I got to see my first geyser and the view of the lake was breathtaking. You can walk the whole basin in about 20 minutes, it's short of a mile walk. By the time we finished exploring this site, we headed to Cabin Village to take a break and enjoy our homemade meals by the Yellowstone Lake. I got the chance to touch the water and it was about 35F degrees, pretty chilly but felt great with 80F degree weather.

On our way to Canyon Village, we stopped at Sulfur Mudpot right before we parked, we saw a byson walked right in front of us, it was pretty cool! At the Sulfur Mudpot you got the chance to see two geysers filled with sulfur, it smells like fart with acid, quite gross!!

We finally made it to Canyon Village and stopped at Artist Point to enjoy the view of the mesmirizing canyon and it's beautiful fall. Soo many pictures were taken here. Too bad we were short with time, otherwise there was a gorgeous hike into the canyons that many say is one of the top hikes to do.

Our next stop was Mammoth Hot Springs! It was my second favorite spot since we got the chance to hike up the Mammoth Hot Springs, got our cardio in while enjoying the dry hot springs. I say dry because there wasn't a lot of water running through the hill. It is said that depending on the plates (that might be the wrong term for it) water can flourish at the Mammoth Hot Springs or it can be dry.

As you can see, today was a jammed packed day! But it was completely worth it! Got the chance to see about 75% of the park, take tons of pictures, and learn so much history thanks to Steve our Virtual Tour Guide.

Until tomorrow, when we explore Las Gran Tetas (lol), I am signing off! Enjoy my pictures of Yellowstone.

-Traveling Latina
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