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Bed bugs: you finally made it into my life!

On our way into Yellowstone, we stopped at Rapid Falls, SD to rest up since from that point we still had another ten hour drive to Driggs, ID.

So we made reservations and stayed at the Ramada, which was the only hotel available that we could reserve three rooms. When we walked into our room, it smelled clean and it was freezing, so I didnt think much about the room since I was so exhausted that all I wanted to do was change clothes and pass out. As we snoozed away, our friends got a little surprise visit in their sheets: bed bugs!

They said their room was infected with them! They got bit on their legs and arms and saw a few that were the size of a tick! Gross.

They were able to get 1/2 of their money refunded but of course that caused a bump in our road to yellowstone. Luckily, no one else got bit by bed bugs but we are all washing our clothes with extreme hot water to prevent anything.

Travel tip to all my readers: always inspect your hotel bed and bed sheets prior to laying down. Also keep your luggage closed to prevent any critters from crawling into your suitcase.

Safe travels mis amigos,

-Traveling Latina
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