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Friday Pic: La Catedral de Granada, Spain

source: Traveling Latina
Today's Friday Pic is one of my favorite pictures from my trip to Spain in 2006. This is La Catedral de Granada which is absolutely breathtaking and has an history and interior design. I don't quite remember the history of this cathedral so here is a snippet of it thanks to Wikipedia:

Unlike most cathedrals in Spain, construction of this cathedral had to await the acquisition of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada from its Muslim rulers in 1492; while its very early plans had Gothic designs, such as are evident in the Royal Chapel of Granada by Enrique Egas, the construction of the church in the main occurred at a time when Spanish Renaissance designs were supplanting the Gothic regnant in Spanish architecture of prior centuries.

The Cathedral had been intended to become the royal mausoleum by Charles I of Spain of Spain, but Philip II of Spain moved the site for his father and subsequent kings to El Escorial outside of Madrid.
The main chapel contains two kneeling effigies of the Catholic King and Queen, Isabel and Ferdinand by Pedro de Mena y Medrano. The busts of Adam and Eve were made by Alonso Cano. The Chapel of the Trinity has a marvelous retablo with paintings by El GrecoJose Ribera, Alonso Cano, and the Spanoleto.

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