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I'm a huge lover of microbreweries! They normally use local products to produce their delish beers, hence the reason why I love 'em.

Once I found out that we were staying close to the Grand Teton brewery it became a 'must-do' during my week long stay in Driggs, ID. We stopped in, just in time to take a tour of the shop. I've gone to several breweries and this was by far the smallest one but that was exactly what I was expecting.

We all got a free beer before we took the tour. I chose to have a Bitch Creek beer which has received several awards. Now I can see why, this bold flavored, dark lager beer reminds me of those from Belgium but much better. If you like Guinness, you will LOVE this beer.

Grand Teton brewery beers are distributed in 18 states and if your state or town doesn't sell it, you can request it to be shipped there...just need to ask your local liquor store to order it for you.

Post the tour, we sampled all of the beers they have on tap. I liked all of them, but truly enjoyed their Bitch Creek and Howling Wolf beers. I also bought two 750ml beers to take back home and a few other souvenirs.

If you haven't had the chance to enjoy this beer, I highly recommend you to get around to it. Trust me when I say, it is delicious.

Till the next post...Cheers!

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