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Las Gran Tetas - Enchanting Beauty

Grand Teton National Park is located in the west region of Wyoming, just south of the famous Yellowstone park. Grand Teton got its name after the French pioneers discovered these beautiful mountains. Since it had been several months since the pioneers saw a woman, they were enchanted by the mountains and called it the 'Gran Tetons' which is French for Grand Tits or Las Gran Tetas.

We got a chance yesterday to drive around this beautiful park. As of today, this park has been my favorite spot in the whole wide world! I understand now why the French fell in love with the mountains because they really are enchantin. Every turn in the road allows you to see a different angle of the Grand Tetons and its neighboring mountain friends.

The park has several lakes and we got a chance to visit a few of them. My favorite spot was Jenny Lake which is at the foot hills of the Grand Teton. Jenny Lake has a turnout point which gets you some of the best pictures of Grand Teton along with the lake. The water was about 50F degrees (only during the months of May-August) and the lake was made from a melted glacier. It is about 250 Ft deep at its deepest point. The color of the lake is a clear light green that makes you just want to jump into the water and enjoy the view.

We took the ferry from the parking lot to Inspiration point. The ferry is $10 per adult roundtrip, and you get to go to the foothills of the mountains and hike up a bit (about 1/2 mile) to one of the first cascades.
There is also the option of hiking it back to the parking lot for those of you who are adventurers! It is about a two mile hike and depending on your pace, can take you anywhere from one to one and half hours. I wasn't wearing the right shoes so I skipped that option but a few of my friends did it and said it was worth!

Another great spot to check out is Colter Bay. There we had lunch at their restaurant and then walked around the bay and got more pictures of the awesome mountains!

If you rent the Virtual Tour Guide, Steve will tell you what turnout points you should stop at throughout Teton park, so you can enjoy the view and take some excellent pictures.

I definitely want to come back to Grand Teton, just to hike through every route possible. I loved these mountains, wouldn't mind buying a home in Jackson (or near towns) to always have a place to stay and come enjoy this view every year, for a week.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

Hasta la proxima,

-Traveling Latina
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