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Second stop: South Dakota...with some trouble along the way

After our first stop, on our 26 hour journey to Yellowstone, I volunteered to drive our 7 passenger Sonoma minivan rental. This spacious car looks like a house on wheels...that's just how big it is! I was slightly nervous to be driving it since it's bigger than my little Toyota-Corolla.

The drive through Minnesota was filled with windmills, rivers, lakes\ponds, and some wreckless speeding from yours truly. Even though we had a cop detector device, I still passed a parked cop car with 80 mph speed on 70 mph highway. The nice police officer stopped me, told me he was stopping me for speeding and asked where I was going in such a rush...my response with a HUGE cheesy smile was: YELLOWSTONE :D

Luckily, this Traveling Latina has a really cute drivers license and no record of ever speeding through Minnesota, so he left me off with a warning. Phew!

Once we arrived to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we changed drivers because I wasn't going to risk it again. T ip for those wanting to do this road trip: the gas in SD is about a dollar cheaper than Chicago, so fill up your tank here. For those who don't know SD is split by the Missouri river. So the east of SD is all flat lands...but once you pass the river (which is rising and damaging a lot of towns that are near to it) that's when you start to see hills like in the old western movies.

South Dakota's west side is absolutely breathtaking! The last time I saw something as beautiful as this was years ago when I lived in Spain. As we continued our drive towards the Badlands, we experienced the coolest lightning show ever! Once we arrived to the Badlands, which is a National park where alot of dinosaur fossils have been discovered and have these peak-like formations made out of limestone that have been around for millions of years, it was slightly dark due to the rain. But we got to see the area and some of it's canyons (which one of my friends mentioned it looked like a smaller version of the Grand Canyon).

On our final stretch of the day long drive, we got to see more lightning and deer crossing the road :)

We made it to Rapid City by 11 p.m., checked into our reserved Ramada Inn hotel (y menos mal! Because it was sold out for the weekend due to the holiday). Tip for the traveler: whenever you are planning a long roadtrip, it is always good to determine what your half way point is going to be and reserve a room in advance so you aren't stuck searching for an affordable hotel in the middle of the night.

Our itinerary for day two is to see Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse then drive through Wyoming for about ten hours until our final stop, Driggs, ID.

Till my next post, I leave you with a few photos for you to enjoy :)

-Traveling Latina
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