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Tech-Free Vacation: Sera Posible?

As I watched my morning news thanks to CNN-American Morning, they had a great segment about tech-free vacations and whether or not it is possible. They invited Mark Orwell, International Editor for Travel and Leisure to further talk about this very interesting topic. One thing I learned, is that a study came out saying that 35% of Americans admit to checking their email on vacation (I am definitely guilty of that!).

According to Mark Orwell, it is possible to have a tech-free vacation. What does that mean? Well no cell-phones (blackberry's, iPhones, etc.), no laptops, no iPads, no access to computers or emails, etc. It sounds crazy, but yet how can we say that we need a break from our everyday routine and not fully do it while on vacation?

Mark recommended a few vacation destinations that do not allow you to use any kind of technology so you can truly disconnect from the real world. I didn't get a chance to write down all of the places he recommended, so I did a search on my own and discovered a few; one of them you don't have to go that far!

1. Little Palm Island Resort & Spa: Located in the Florida Keys, this adults-only resort is technology free-- no tv, no radio, no alarm clock. They have tons of activities so you will never feel bored.
2. Tensing Pen: Located in Negril, Jamaica, is a family resort that is technology free including tv's, phones, and music players.
3. Si Como No Resort, Spa and Wildlife Refuge: Located in Costa Rica, if you love mother nature this is a great place to go since it is a quaint hotel that offers tons of nature activities.

You can also go camping in Yellowstone and trust me when I say, you will have no connection to the outer world! We had no cell-phone or internet service while we were inside the park.

But you don't have to go to a resort or hotel to enjoy a tech-free vacation, it's called self will! If you want to get away from all technology then find ways to have fun without relying on television, cell phones and computers. Don't you remember the days when you had to buy a calling card to call your family while you were abroad? Or how you bought a map to get around? Played cards until you passed out because you couldn't understand what they were saying on TV?

See it's possible, but it is not easy! I have yet to take a tech-free vacation, but this weekend I am heading to Michigan for a little "break" I'm going to start with baby-steps by not watching any TV or getting on a computer. If I can do it, so can you, so challenge yourself when you go on your next vacation to stay away from at least one piece of technology.

Till the next travel adventure!

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