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A good friend of mine, who is a cute little Miami girl, invited me to go to an event in Chicago hosted by Miami's tourism board. It was all part of their participation in this year's Lollapalooza. It was an opportunity I refused to miss, especially since they were giving away a trip to Miami.

The event was held at the Hard Rock Hotel, which is one of my favorite hotels in Chicago. The moment we checked in, we headed into Express' Rocks! Suite which was sponsored by Express. My favorite part about this area was getting a chance to dance my butt off with Dance Central. If many of you don't know, Dance Central is a video game that is powered by Xbox 360- Kinect. It was so much fun! For a second, I felt I was dancing away to another city.

We then headed over to the Express table to check out their new summer line. They had the most adorable hats that are perfect for blocking the sun while you are either touring around a new city or at the beach. Even though I got a chance to keep the hat I was trying on, one of the Express reps was extremely rude to us just because we weren't with a media outlet or company that she was familiar with. As a PR person, I wanted to give her a few tips of how she should've been behaving while representing the Express brand. Just in case Express reads this, here is a tip to share with your brand ambassadors or PR reps, respect others no matter what you never know who they truly might be or who they know. You just lost three customers due to bad brand experience.

Moving right along....

The Miami Oasis floor was amazing! You got a chance to try on glasses from Guess, get a facial or massage at the Clearasil room, get some free swag from all the major sponsors, and take some fun pics at the Clearasil booth. The best part about the experience was getting a chance to bump into a few celebs like Elijah Wood and Kellan Luntz.  If you are in Chicago this weekend (Aug 5-7), make sure to swing by this event...and probably skip the Express booth (just saying!).

-Traveling Latina

Friday Pic: London, England

Friday Pic: Lollapalooza--Chicago