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This past summer (I can't believe I am even saying that, this year flew by so fast!), a colleague of mine from my graduate school program asked me if I would be interested in doing a short term study abroad program and after giving it a thought I said yes! I would definitely be part of this statistic (see infographic below).
I found myself applying to a study abroad program that would take me two weeks to Asia in the month of December. The two places where this program is taking place are listed in my travel wish list and therefore, I couldn't say no when I was accepted into the program late July. On December 2nd, I head to Hong Kong and Thailand for a two week business seminar thanks to DePaul's College of Commerce. Even though it is a different college of mine, it is a graduate student program that connects you to top brands in Asia (Disney Asia, Ocean Park, Li & Fung, Pandora Jewelry, among others) and learn their business specifically how they market themselves.

During our time in Hong Kong we will get a chance to not only learn about these companies, but to also experience this dynamic city and get to enjoy this melting pot city through its food, night life, hikes and many more.
source: univ.of oregon
After a week in Hong Kong, we will be heading to Thailand and start our journey through this majestic country in the Island of Ko Samet where we will be spending the weekend at White Sands Resort. We will get a chance to snorkel, fish (well I won't be doing that), hike, scuba, and enjoy a day in the spa (which I will for sure be doing!). We are set to then head to Bangkok for the remaining portion of that week and not only meet with the heads of marketing for all of these fabulous companies but get to experience their culture through museum visits, its delish food (which I am a HUGE fan of!) and of course some shopping...since Hong Kong will be too expensive to do that.
source: paradise teel
I am excited about this trip and I am so blessed that this dream is coming true. There you have it folks, if you dream big (no matter what kind of dream it is) you will eventually get it! I can't wait to tell you more about my journey and experience in Asia this upcoming December. Until then, I will be writing a post once a week (or so) that will share my current experiences as I prepare for a trip that I know is going to change my life.

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