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If you know anything about me, you know I am extremely intrigued about social media and how it affects everyday business. Recently, I stumbled upon a great infographic (which by the way, I think it is the greatest way to share your companies news or stats, etc.) it breaks down how social media has impacted the travel industry. I won't bore you with all the data but I will share with you some of the results which I found fascinating:

1. Did you know that 63% of ALL Americans can't travel outside of the U.S.? Hence why I am part of the Passport Party Project to get young girls access to passports!

2. FourSquare is EVERYWHERE!

3. I wonder if this is true for Hispanics since they are HUGE on mobile? 

4. Guess which airline is social media king? It's not my top choice airline but it's not that bad:

5. Interesting how people are being influenced....

What do you guys think? Do you fall under any of these stats? I know I do...so crazy how social media is changing the world.

Till the next travel aventura,

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