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Being a Tourist in Chicago

It is always fun to be a tourist, even more so when you do it in your own hometown. This past Saturday, I got the chance to be a tourist for 75 minutes in my second hometown, Chicago. Thanks to a Groupon I got early in the summer, I got two tickets for a Wendella river cruise that is all about Chicago's architecture. I hadn't had the chance to do this highly talked about tour before, and I absolutely loved it!
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If you are a Chicago native or planning on visiting soon, then this tour is for you! This tour gives you all of Chicago's history and more. You walk away learning so much about the city, and if you have read the book The Devil in The White City, you will feel even more connected with the your.

source: Traveling Latina
A plus about the river cruise, is that you can purchase snacks and alcoholic beverages. It was a bit chilly this past weekend, so we decided to sit in the lower level and wear our NorthFace's. But there is an upper deck which I can only imagine it being fantastic during the summer time.

Don't forget your camera: there are so many great photo opps especially of the Sears Tower and city skyline.
source: Traveling Latina
Travel Tip: if you are planning a mini vacay anywhere in the U.S., check out Groupon or other similar sites. You can save a lot on great tours, shows, food and even hotels!
source: Traveling Latina
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