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Free Round-Trip Ticket to Japan

Imagine receiving an email saying that you have won a trip for free to Japan?! Well I didn't get that email but I got an email that talked about Japan's Tourism Agency's giving away 10,000 free round trip tickets next year!

Since the devastating earthquake this past March 2011, tourism in Japan has dropped drastically. To entice people to start traveling they have come up with the following plan which ABC.com posted yesterday:

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Japan, this may be your chance.
In a desperate attempt to lure tourists back to a country plagued by radiation fears and constant earthquakes, the Japan Tourism Agency‘s proposed an unprecedented campaign – 10,000 free roundtrip tickets.
The catch is, you need to publicize your trip on blogs and social media sites.
The tourism agency says it plans to open a website to solicit applicants interested in the free tickets. Would- be visitors will have to detail in writing their travel plans in Japan, and explain what they hope to get out of the trip. Successful applicants would pay for their own accommodation and meals. They would also be required to write a review their travel experiences, and post it online.
“We are hoping to get highly influential blogger-types, and others who can spread the word that Japan is a safe place to visit,” said Kazuyoshi Sato, with the agency.
The agency has requested more than a billion yen to pay for the tourism blitz. If lawmakers approve the funding, Sato says visitors could begin signing up as early as next April.

There you have it folks! If you are interested in making a romantic trip with your partner, lover, husband, etc, and you blog: this is the perfect chance to apply! I will for sure be applying and hoping to be one of the Latinas confirmed to join this group of 10,000 bloggers to go to Japan for free!

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