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Every Sunday, I get the Tribune paper delivered to my front door. I mostly do two things with my Sunday paper, look at all the circulars and then check out the travel section. One of the articles that I saw and had to share with you all was the top five countries for Americans to retire abroad. Below you can find the top five locations along with pictures and brief synopsis for your reading pleasure:
source: Islanddream.com
1. Ecuador: "A mild climate makes for comfortable living year round. Average daily temperature reach into the 70s, and the nights are cool and fresh.You can rent a furnished, two-bed apartment in a historic center for $220 a month" --Just reading this part makes this the perfect place for me to live in now, no need to wait for retirement!
source: Traveling Latina
2. Mexico: "Life in Mexico can cost 40% less than what you would pay in the U.S. for a similar lifestyle."--Sounds good to me, now if only I could get used to eating chile on my fruits then I will be able to live in Mexico forever.
source: tropicaldiscovery.com
3. Panama: "Panama's senior citizens secure discounts on everything from surgery to movie tickets, the program is open to foreigners and even grants them residency."--Oh Panama! How I loved this country, I can definitely see myself (and even my mother) retiring here. From the food to its weather, to its beautiful beaches and now senior citizen benefits...I think I found my spot to retire in 30 years (yes 30, I want to be retired by age 50 so I can travel while I am still young and enjoy my golden years!)
source: Traveling Latina
4. Spain: "Mediterranean beaches, with their 320 plus days of sunshine. You can get a three-course meal with a bottle of wine for $14. Costa Almeria town houses are advertised for about $400 monthly." -- As you all already know, Spain is where my heart is at. I lived there for 6 months and never wanted to leave (but life happened). If I could retire with over $900k in my benefits (or more) then I would say Spain is the spot for me, unfortunately I know how expensive Spain can get so this might not be able to be my retirement country. 
source: worldwidehomestay.com
5. New Zealand: "For those who love uncrowded places and a temperate climate, New Zealand is one of the world's most livable countries. Home to around 4.4 million people, it's one of its safest too." --I've never been to Kiwi nation, I have heard amazing things from friends who have. My friends have said that it is the greenest nation you will ever see and the air is nice and fresh. I could see myself spending some time in NZ just not sure if I could retire there...since they get winter and all.

What do you think? Did the Tribune get it right with the list above? Should your country be on this list? Is there a better place you would recommend for Americans to retire abroad?

--Traveling Latina

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