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Happy Halloween! In lieu of today's celebration, here is a list that USA Today put together showcasing the best cities to celebrate Halloween (by far the best list I have seen out there!):

1. Salem, Massachusetts: This one is an obvious one due to all the stories about witches being haunted there and murdered. Never been, but have been told by my fellow Bostonian that the best time to go to Salem is in the fall.
source: Lincoln Property Company
2. New Orleans: Have you ever seen the movie The Princess and The Frog? Well if you have then doesn't it make sense why this is on the list? If you haven't seen it, this city is know for their voodoo and santeria practices, and for their amazing cemeteries. With all that said, USA Today also said to head to their zoo where kids can trick or treat with the animals at the "Boo at the Zoo Night."
source: voodooshop.com
3. London: I got a chance to spend Halloween in London a few years back and it was the craziest experience ever. The setting is already there (gloomy, foggy, cold and dark streets) so when people are walking around with some crazy outfits you feel like you are in a movie come to real life.
source: freshlysocial.com
4. San Francisco: I have been told by some friends that SFO in the fall reminds them of London, mostly because of the fog. I think that was the best way to summarize why this city can be creepy and the best to celebrate Halloween. USA Today said not to miss out on the haunted pirate ship tours on the bay or cut loose qat a whild night club theme party. Both ideas sound fabulous to me!

Last on the list is one that shouldn't surprise you at all:

5.  Transylvania, Romania: This one is obvious and I really hope you know why (bueno si no sabes, here is why this one is obvious, Dracula was born in Transylvania). The article mentions that many head to see the statue of Vlad the Impaler or tour Dracula's castle.

Do you think there is a city that should be listed as best Halloween city?

'Til the next traveling adventure--

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