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How Steve Jobs Changed the Travel Experience

By the time I finish writing this post, many of you have already read several articles, thousands of Facebook posts and millions of tweets on how people around the world are mourning a man who was a genius in his own right, passing away from a long-term battle against cancer, Steve Jobs.

We have a lot to be thankful thanks to Steve Jobs, he was the one who changed the way we listen to music, we communicate to each other, we connect with the world and most importantly how we see the future. It is thanks to his relentlessness and his constant need to push the envelope, we are coming up with innovative ways to continue "connecting" with the world.

source: etny.net
It is thanks to Mr. Jobs, we travelers can purchase airfare with the touch of a button on our friendly iPads or iPhones. We can listen to our favorite artists while we sit impatiently in long flights to Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc. We can take photos from our phones and upload them to our social networks all in one minute. We can connect with the world wide web and learn more about the location we are standing at, at that precise moment.

Thank you Steve Jobs for changing the world and for also changing the travel experience for so many of us who depend on your iProducts.

--Traveling Latina

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